6 Steps to Getting a New Design You’ll Love

6 Steps to Getting a New Design You’ll Love

So many of our customers tell us they have been living with their ugly or outdated kitchen or bath for years but just didn’t know how to start the process of remodeling the space. That’s where we come in and walk them through the process to a finished design they can imagine in their own home.

Step 1: Look at Pinterest, Houzz and home remodeling social media accounts to find pictures that spark your interest. Don’t get hung up on whether the picture matches the layout of your room. We want to see what caught your eye! Is it the colors of the room? The overall aesthetic of the space? Is it one particular item, like the tile accent, or the decorative hardware? Everything you show us will help us create your perfect design.

Step 2: Think about your budget. Do you have money saved for the project? Do you need to apply for our financing? Will the amount you spend add value to your home?

Step 3: Set up your free in-home measure! We will come take all the measurements of your space, talk with you about any changes you’d like, look for any construction issues involved in the changes and make a list of the scope of work.

Step 4: Visit our showroom and we will help you find products that create the style you love! We have samples galore for all our products and you can check them out to see how great they look in your home!

Step 5: We will design the kitchen or bath for you on our computer program so you can see the room come to life! These won’t be line drawings, these will be color renderings that show the actual products you chose in your new space. Look at these wonderful examples:

Step 6: When you have approved the design, we will get an estimate worked up for you. An important thing to know is that we are estimating based on your wish list for the space. If the price is more than you can afford, we can make suggestions on small changes in design or selection that can reduce the cost. Don’t be afraid to ask because we know everyone has a budget!

We hope that after you follow these 6 steps, you decide to trust us for your kitchen or bath remodel! We love helping customers dreams come to life!