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Home remodeling in Belton, Killeen, Salado and surrounding areas

Surface Source Design Center is your partner in home remodeling - not matter how big or small it is. Is it time to update your home by remodeling? These kinds of projects can run from changing up a bathroom vanity’s sink, countertop, mirror and lighting, to reconfiguring your kitchen, dining room and living room into an open plan living area. Either way, Surface Source Design Center has the resources to help you with the planning and execution of your home's remodeling.

Number one strategy for home remodeling

Planning… Sure, you have the grand concept of how you want your remodel to look. It’s a good start, but it’s not time to start scheduling the contractors.

However, it is time to come to Surface Source Design Center where our experienced, field-tested associates are ready to work with you through the planning details, and when the time comes, the execution of the remodel.

Before a hammer is held, we like to have the following information or tasks in place, your project may have different examples:

  • Traffic patterns. Most important in kitchens, particularly if there is more than one person cooking at the same time in the existing space. Make complete measurements of the space, including existing doors, electrical outlets, plumbing and windows
  • Design for ease of use by occupants. Wall ovens are more accessible than range ovens, if you are a tall household raised countertops are appreciated
  • Select materials and appliances before construction starts. If you pick a refrigerator before building out the kitchen cabinets, you’ll avoid having an appliance that doesn’t fit in the allotted space




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Surface Source Design Center is your home remodeling resource

Once we are onboard with your remodeling, our associates can take over the many factors that come into play in a remodeling project. We know if and when the work needs a permit or inspection; seeing to those details are tedious, but required. When it comes to working with the trades, we can schedule and oversee their work and compliance. Surface Source Design Center is based in Belton and serves Killeen, Tempo and Salado as well. When you are thinking about home remodeling, please come in and share your plans!