Help Us Help You!

Have you had some ideas for a home remodel project swimming around your brain?  Have you stopped in at a local Big Box store and felt overwhelmed?  Have you wondered if the project is within your budget?  Will the finished project look the way you dreamed it would look?  Let us give you a few pointers for the beginning stages of a home remodel. 

Step 1.
  Look online at Houzz, Pinterest and Google images!  Those are all created to help you visualize a space or design.  Search for something specific, like white kitchen cabinets, spa-like bathroom or tile floor designs.  This will help narrow down the number of pictures you see. 


Step 2.
  Analyze what you like or dislike in the pictures you see. You don’t have to like the whole picture, maybe it caught your eye but there are only a few things that really work for your home.   Is it the overall color palette?  Is it the specific countertop color or tile pattern?  Is it the layout of the room; maybe an open concept kitchen that you’d like but you have a wall that would need to be removed, maybe a bathroom design that includes a larger shower area with the free standing tub inside.  

Step 3: 
Save the pictures on your phone or tablet!

Step 4:
  Bring your pictures to our trained, professional staff so they can find the products or discuss the remodel work that will need to be done to create your look.  Don’t walk aimlessly around a Big Box store hoping for someone to help you.  

Step 5:
  Receive a free measure and free estimate so that you can see how this idea fits in your budget.  If it doesn’t fit the budget now, you can start saving or we can give you ways to reduce the cost but still get the look you want.  

Free measure & quote

Step 6:
  Place your order and let us take over from there!  We’ll order all materials, install them and we will manage the construction work to be done and be the one point of contact for the entire project.  

If you follow these steps, we will be able to help make your dream space a reality!