I’m sure a nice green color would look great in the kitchen, but that’s not the green we are talking about. Green for the purpose of this blog is our commitment to our environment. Green is what we do to give back to our planet in an attempt to preserve it for future generations. Green is a Texas cabinet company that has a really neat story about, “Thinking Green.”

Woodmont Cabinetry is Green

Way back in 1953 this Texas native company was born. Woodmont Cabinetry located in Grand Prairie Texas was established on two main beliefs, treat people right and offer a quality product at a great price. Woodmont Cabinetry has always believed in treating people right. And today that same neighborly compassion is extended to how Woodmont Cabinetry treats our environment. Its important to note that the belief of treating people right goes hand in hand with treating our environment right. Woodmont Cabinetry has a goal to recycle 100% of its waste. Currently, the company has policies and practices in place that minimize its impact on our environment. For example all the saw dust is recycled along with all cabinet scraps. In addition Woodmont Cabinetry is so committed to being green that they even print all of the marketing material on completely recycled paper.

Products That Make a Difference

Woodmont Cabinetry manufactures top quality cabinets from  several species of solid wood. They offer some of the best quality cabinets and are local to us in Texas. We appreciate their commitment to quality and to our environment. For more information on this company visit their website or ask your local Woodmont Cabinetry distributor Surface Source Design Center. Stop by our showroom and come see this great product for yourself.