Yes, Green is the new black!!

Today’s socially conscious world is all about being GREEN.   A “green” product is any product presumed to be environmentally safe.  That can mean that it is recycled, uses less energy, is sustainable or has little or no gas emission.

The good news for you socially conscious consumers is that there are an endless amount of “green” products for your home (and we don’t just mean paint colors).  Here are a few of the environmental friendly products we have at Surface Source Design Center:

  1.  Recycled glass countertops – gorgeous and colorful!
  2. Low VOC cabinets – can help with air quality in your home.
  3. Bamboo flooring – durable and beautiful and the trees grow back quickly!
  4. Energy saving appliances  – great for the budget and the world!
  5. Water efficient  toilets and shower heads – less water but still lots of performance.  Also helps our local lakes!
  6. Xenon or LED under cabinet lights – low wattage and can be great “mood” lighting!