For those of us who follow trends in decorating and remodeling, we are all aware of the huge interest in super-sized kitchens.  This is wonderful, if you have the space and the budget!  A smaller kitchen design is what most of us have to work with and presents a bit more of a challenge. With the right small kitchen ideas, you won’t have to give up function, design or special features – if you plan well.

One thing to consider in your smaller kitchen is lighting.  If you have an open, light kitchen, then any color cabinet can work – dark or light.  If you have less light, then consider a lighter color cabinet -maybe white cabinets or a natural stain on wood.  This will help open up the smaller space.

Another way to maximize the smaller space is with convenience accessories.  Instead of cluttering the floor, consider a trash can pull out.  Keep spices handy with a spice rack mounted inside the door or even a spice rack that pulls out!  If you have a corner in your kitchen, a lazy susan makes the corner so much more accessible – no more tupperware lids lost in the back of the bottom shelf!   Pots and Pan drawers are favorites too for any size kitchen.  They hold so much and make bending and reaching for heavy pots a thing of the past!

One last idea, use some reflective glass or metal on your backsplash! Reflective light makes spaces appear larger so that is just another way to create the look of a larger space in a small one!

At Surface Source Design Center, we will work with you to use your space in the best way, whether that space is small or large!  Take a look at our portfolio for a few ideas in maximizing the space you have available in your kitchen or come in the showroom for a free consultation about your specific size kitchen needs!