Our kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets say a lot about our own characteristics. The style of wood, the colors, and the type of handles all contribute the larger picture. So what do your kitchen cabinets say?

The style of your cabinets is important:  what wood do you choose to complement your style, what design features do you add for the flair or simplicity you like, and what color do you choose for the cabinets?  In our kitchen design history, we have found that color is the most personal part of the selection.  So choose the colors of your kitchen cabinets wisely.

Well, one of our wonderful cabinet lines, Midcontinent Cabinetry, is offering CUSTOM painted cabinets!  You can’t get any more personal than that.  Midcontinent cabinets will paint your cabinets with any paint color from the major manufacturers.  So pull out that Sherwin Williams paint swatch fan and go with your gut!  If you are designing your kitchen cabinets, you may want SW7016 Mindful Gray (gray is the IT color for home décor).  If you are designing cabinets for your bathroom, how about a calming green like SW6430 Great Green?  How about your child’s bathroom?  Let’s do the cabinets in a fun primary color like SW6966 Blueblood!!

Color is a huge reflection of personal style – so choose away and let Midcontinent Cabinetry paint cabinets that say “YOU”!