Ok, I’m amazed by this carpet we call Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet. It’s not often that I am amazed much less amazed by carpet. But this carpet is pretty amazing. Not only is it amazing but it is also friendly to our planet earth. Seriously, Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet is the only carpet and I repeat myself the only carpet that has a built in stain resistant that will not wear off. What makes this Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet so unique is that it combines both exceptional durability with permanent built in stain and soil protection. There is no other fabric currently on planet earth that can claim to be permanently stain and soil resistant. You would think that this fact alone is amazing right?? Well, this amazing carpet is also eco-smart. The Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet is made from corn!! That’s right, It’s made with a renewable resource, corn and this amazing carpet requires less energy to make and reduces our dependency on oil. Wow!!


Easy to Clean & Long Lasting

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet received the highest satisfaction ratings related to all consumer criteria of maintenance and durability.
  • Easy To Clean (Rated Number 1)
  • Dirt Resistance (Rated Number 1)
  • Odor Resistance (Rated Number 1)
  • Protection Against Spills (Rated Number 1)
  • Protection Against Stains (Rated Number 1)
  • Quality (Rated Number 1)
  • Durability (Rated Number 1)
  • Water Resistance (Rated Number 1)
  • Maintains Original Appearance (Rated Number 1)
  • Protection From Crushing or Matting (Rated Number 1)
Now that’s a whole lot of number ones. This carpet is seriously awesome. It’s hard to find the right adjective to describe a carpet that is so perfect. And if you are looking for perfect carpet then you have found the perfect carpet and Surface Source Design Center located in Belton, Texas has a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. So choose the best, choose Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet from Surface Source Design Center.

All satisfaction scores based on a national survey of carpet buyers conducted by Brandware Research in October of 2011