Need to Choose a Countertop Color?  We Have You Covered!

Need to Choose a Countertop Color? We Have You Covered!

Quartz countertops are a wonderful option for your home.  Why? Because they are stain, scratch and scorch resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and also beautiful.

Now you may be thinking, all that sounds wonderful but do they have a color or design that will work in MY home?  We say absolutely!  

One of our favorite brands of quartz countertop material is Cambria USA.  They are the only quartz made in America and family owned (like we are!) and have always been committed to the highest quality in their stone surfaces.  They are a leader in the industry for bringing the widest array of designs, colors and innovative technology (colors that can be backlit!).   

The breakdown of their design palette collections:

  • Classics – the original look of quartz that have small particulates and consistency in pattern. OUR FAVE: New Castle – a blend of taupes, whites and browns.
  • Quarry – similar to the Classic collection with larger particulates and more color offerings. OUR FAVE: Sutton – has always been one of the most versatile colors.
  • Desert -concrete, sand look that is wonderful for a modern home or to compliment a more dramatic backsplash. OUR FAVE: Templeton – a true light gray concrete look. 
  • Marble – just what the name says, these are marble look-a-likes in whites, grays, beiges and browns.  Stunning options in this category! OUR FAVE: Ella – for sure!  Soft waves of gray on a white background.  
  • Black Marble – some STUNNING designs with movement and drama either with overall black coloring or black accents.  OUR FAVE: Bentley and Golden Dragon- we have to pick two because these are gorgeous!
  • Coastal – movement with great earthy feel.  OUR FAVE:  Beaumont – rivers of sand coloring through a soft background.  
  • Jewel – love the depth of these particulated designs.  OUR FAVE:  Parys – the deep blues of this one take you straight to the Caribbean.
  • Waterstone – so many colors and lots of movement (think swirling) in this collection. OUR FAVE:  New Quay – beautiful neutral in taupes, beige and whites.
  • Cambrian – combinations of movement and speckling in gorgeous earth tones. OUR FAVE:  Canterbury – this has copper flecks that sparkle and make it a real statement color.
  • Oceanic – just what the name says, this collection features the look of waves at the coast and we couldn’t love them more!  OUR FAVE:  Without a doubt, Oakmoor – we’ve sold this one over and over and it blows the customers away with it’s spa-like feel.
  • Woodstone – one amazing color, Clairidge, stands alone because it can!  Strong movement in blacks, golds, and beige tones that resemble a cross grain cut of the finest wood.  

These collections are one of the reasons that Cambria stands out in the market. Want one more reason to love them – these colors come in the radiant High Gloss and in the trendy low-sheen Matte finish.  This gives you, the homeowner, even more options to find the perfect color for your style! 

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