If you live in Texas or are from Texas, then you know we Texans love vintage and rustic especially in our rustic kitchen design. However, as more modern amenities become available, as Texans we also love convenience and functionality. Surface Source Design Center located in Belton Texas offers a unique blend of rustic in modern. We have some of the newest kitchen designs available today. And for our Texans we have vintage, rustic and modern.

The Modern Rustic

Kitchen designs come in all shapes and sizes. Not all appeal to everyone. Thank goodness we all have our unique likes or else all of our kitchens would look the same. In the photo we have a lovely rustic kitchen design. The cabinets are made from a Rustic Hickory, Rustic Hickory kitchen cabinets really evoke the feel of the old world. These beautiful rustic kitchen cabinets have really natural knots that are both open and closed knots. Other imperfections in these cabinets make them unique in every sense of the word. The counter tops in this rustic kitchen design are made from quartz. Quartz counter tops give you the elegance you want and the durability you need. They add a hint of elegance to any style kitchen. When combined with the Rustic Hickory Cabinets, the combination is amazing. In the picture this rusctic kitchen design also incorporates a tumbled stone backsplash that punctuates the rustic kitchen design.

Your Kitchen Design

Whatever your kitchen design may be, whether rustic, modern, sleek or colorful. Surface Source Design Center located in Belton Texas is your kitchen design experts. We have the largest showroom in Central Texas and we have the staff available to give you the attention and guidance that you need when you are shopping for a new kitchen. Give us a call today.