Granite countertops add a beautiful, rich, strong statement to any kitchen. So why are some people unsure whether to use granite for their tops?

The biggest concern our past customers have had is about the sealing process. They’ve heard that the maintenance of a granite top requires sealing -and it does. Here is what we recommend:

The original seal on granite tops should last at least a year in a kitchen with average use. Re-apply based on the recommendations of the sealer you use (also should not be less than a year).

Sealing is also a quick and simple process. Most applications follow the “karate kid” plan: wipe on, wipe off! (some spray on,though!)  Sealers are sold at local home stores, hardware stores or tile companies, so they are easy to find.

So, don’t be afraid of sealing!

Most people choose granite for their tops because of the beautiful design and flow that some slabs have, but that can also be too much for others.
"Golden Supreme” granite
"Yellow River" granite
Too much for you?  Maybe so but this is what can make granite a statement in your home. But have no fear, there are more subtle, but incredible granite colors for the person who wants the look, but less drama.
"New Venetian Gold" granite
"Absolute Black" granite
So, all in all, granite has a look for everyone, is low maintenance and adds beauty and value to your home. So the answer to the big question : “to have granite or not to have granite” is YES,HAVE IT!!