To paint, or not to paint

Factory Paint vs. Job Site paint on cabinets

Most of our customers are choosing painted cabinets for their homes.  We see many of these customers using white for a timeless look but gray, navy and black are also extremely popular.  No matter what they choose, the question can come up whether to paint their existing cabinets or to buy new factory finished cabinets.  Let us give you some information that may help you if you are facing the same dilemma.

First, if you would like to save money, painting your existing cabinets yourself is the best option but be prepared for a project that takes a lot of your time.  All the surface will need to be prepped and sanded prior to painting and a primer/sealer is recommended before you start you paint process.  Proper drying time of each step is needed to ensure a quality product.  Even with the greatest care, your cabinets can chip or crack.  If this happens, YOU are in charge of touch-ups and repairs.

We can provide you with an estimate for professional in-house painting of your cabinets also.  This will cost more than if you do the work but is still an affordable option.  These professionals will handle all the removing of doors, sanding of face frames and boxes, prepping and painting.  Your kitchen will be a mess for a few days, but you will be able to relax knowing that the finished product will look great and you didn’t have to do the work!  This paint work will be warrantied for a full year so you can be sure that no nicks or chips get missed.

Last are the factory-built cabinets that we provide for homeowners.  These cabinets have all the popular paint colors available in their standard line, or you can choose a custom color for your cabinets!  When you choose painted cabinets from one of our semi-custom cabinet lines, such as Midcontintent Cabinetry, you know there will be a multi-step process for applying the paint, all done in a clean and dust free environment.   The finish will withstand wear and tear better, be easier to clean and will have less chance of yellowing or fading over time because the top coat is OVEN-CURED.  These semi-custom cabinets come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

One more benefit to the semi-custom, factory-built cabinets is that you have the freedom to design your new kitchen any way you want it.  Need more drawers?  Need a lazy susan in the corner?  Want wall cabinets to go to the ceiling?  We can do all of that for you in your new design.  Plus, we will do a computer generated, color rendering of your design so you can be sure that it is exactly what you want!

Whichever paint option works best for you, we are here to help!  Call to schedule your free measure and estimate.