Everyone’s home tells a lot about them.

The design of the home lets us know if you like modern or traditional.  The colors you use to decorate with reflect your sense of style.  But nothing in your home tells more about your WAY OF LIVING than your floors!

Let’s visit a young family with children and pets.  You would not be surprised to find bedroom carpet worn from years of children playing on the floor with cars and Barbies,  evidence of spilled Kool-aid or dried up play-doh stuck to the living room carpet, some noodles from last night’s spaghetti  stuck to the kitchen floor under a high chair and water splashed from the kids baths on the bathroom floor!   So with this family, we see that they need flooring products for a busy, messy lifestyle!

Surface Source Design Center can help you find a new carpet for kids’ rooms that is stain- and wear- resistant but still soft and welcoming to the children when it’s time to play.   In the living room, you might enjoy replacing that worn carpet with laminate floors creating a beautiful classic look that is easy to maintain.  For your kitchen, we can recommend some beautiful tile – in lots of colors, some that even look like wood but hold up like tile.  And in a bathroom, tile definitely withstands the water, so find a fun, non-slip tile for the kid’s bathroom and a calming peaceful style for yours!

Now we visit a retired couple’s home.  They have lived in this home for years, enjoy having friends over for dinner and having the kids and grandkids come for visits. Their floors are clean and they no longer have to worry about heavy wear and tear but they look around and but aware their flooring is out dated and doesn’t reflect their sense of style.   They know that new floors could give their house a new, fresher, up to date look!  So we suggest they call Surface Source Design Center too!   We might suggest a beautiful  wood floor throughout all the main living areas.  Then perhaps a classic travertine tile for the kitchen and baths.

Flooring can be stylish and functional.  It’s all about finding the right fit for your lifestyle!  We know all the latest products that have great style, great warranties and make a home a show place!

What does your floor say about your lifestyle?  Does it work well for your lifestyle?  What would you like it to say???  Come to Surface Source Design Center – we have the right flooring for you!