You’ve decided to remodel!  What now?

You’ve decided to remodel! What now?

Many customers we deal with get excited during the design and selection process for their remodel, whether it’s just flooring, or an entire kitchen or bath remodel.  Then once they sign the contract, panic sets in about what to expect while we are working on their project.  

Let’s go through some of the things we need from you:


  • We need a timeline of when you’d like us to start and we can give you an estimate of when the work will be complete.
  • We need to know how we will access your home each day: will you be home, will you leave a key?
  • We need you to move any personal items from the area we will be working in.  If we’ve included Furniture Handling in our estimate, you still need to remove pictures, small items and knick-knacks.  
  • If your remodel includes new cabinets, we need all the existing cabinets cleared out!  You can set up a make-shift kitchen using your refrigerator, microwave and maybe a folding table to keep your most essential items on hand.  If your bathroom is being remodeled, the best thing to do is move all your things to a 2nd bathroom while the work is being done. 


  • During the project, please keep animals and children out of the work area – for their safety and our sanity! Haha
  • Keep a running list of any concerns you have during the project.  We will address the ones that need immediate attention and set a schedule for the ones that can wait for the final punch list trip.

A remodel project can be smooth and easier for all involved when we work as a team!